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Welcome to Family Wellness Summit! 


When I started my journey into a more holistic way of life almost two decades ago, I found it difficult to find high quality and reliable information from sources that I trusted. I also became overwhelmed by the idea of changing my whole lifestyle - I didn't know where to begin. 


I have put together this ground-breaking event because I'm passionate about sharing with the world all that is natural and holistic. It’s not just a fad, it's a way of life. And it doesn't need to be difficult to start!


Who is Family Wellness Summit for?

  • For parents who may be seeking change as well as answers for their families or those who already consider themselves to be holistic. 

  • For medical professionals who want to empower their patients and provide the very best in alternative and holistic family healthcare.

  • For educators who are dedicated to knowing the latest in their field and value the power of being in this together.

Join us and take charge of your family’s well being!



Stacey Latus

The Real Crunchy Mama


Founder and Producer, Family Wellness Summit


Day 1 - Jan 1st


All sessions released each day at 9:00am EST  ||  Facebook LIVE Daily Recap + Q&A at 9:00pm EST

Today's Focus: Manual Therapies - Chiropractic/CST/Osteopathy

Session 1

Bridging the GAPS....the Gut - Immune System Connection

Dr. Amoruso talks about the importance of gut health, GAPS diet and gut healing.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: Pantry List Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Christopher J. Amoruso D.C., M.S., C.N.S., C.G.P

Holistic Physician & Chiropractor

Owner, Bogota Chiropractic & Holistic Center

Session 2

What in the World is Webster?

Dr. Cherubini shares about the benefits of regular chiropractic care and Webster Technique during pregnancy. 



**All-Access Pass Bonus: Complimentary Consultation on Services -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Liza Cherubini

Family Chiropractor

Owner, Cherubini Chiropractic

Session 3

True Health: Sustained

Creating empowering health that can heal you, your family and the world.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video - Understanding Science in the Sustainable Age-- Upgrade now!

Dr. Aryn Gabai

Doctor of Chiropractic

Owner, Sustainable Health

Session 4

No Longer Coexisting With Sickness

Learn how to achieve one’s health potential through chiropractic care.




Stephen J. Safka, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Owner, Health in Hand Chiropractic

Session 5

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

A discussion with Drs. Hines and Rediker about what CST is as well as learn about other manual therapies that can help heal on many levels. 





**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video - Tongue Tie Basics -- Upgrade now!

Drs. Jacquelyn Hines & Danielle Rediker

Doctors of Physical Therapy & Certified CranioSacral Therapists

Owner & Practitioner, Connectivity Therapy and Holistic Health 

Session 6

Trusting Your Mama Instincts

Learning to trust your instincts and your child's body's inner wisdom for healing.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video - Top 5 Strategies for Building a Healthy Brain -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Tami Hartman

Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor

Co-Owner, Total Wellness of NJ

Session 7

Reshape Brain Networks

Dr. Standridge shares how Neurofeedback works for and sometimes better than medication for Brain-Based issues, such as anxiety, attention, learning and behavior.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: $100 off Initial qEEG Brain Map -- Upgrade now

Dr. Laura Standridge, D.C., B.C.N.

Doctor of Chiropractic & Board Certified in qEEG Neurofeedback 

Owner, Brain + Stem Neurological Services, P.C.

Session 8

Rise Above to Live the Life you want

Navigate the landscape of exercise, holistic bodywork options and lifestyle changes to achieve optimum health.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: SomaFit Wellness Movement Starter -- Upgrade now

Lisa Swarbrick

Elite Personal Trainer & Myofascial Movement Specialist

Owner, SomaFit Wellness

Session 9

Influencer Spotlight: Kids Eating Broccoli 

Learn how this doctor is changing the way we think about children's nutrition.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video - Gut Health 101 -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Brad Ellisor

Chiropractor, Family Wellness Expert

Owner, Dr. Brad Ellisor & Kids Eating Broccoli Podcast


Day 2 - Jan 2nd


All sessions released each day at 9:00am EST  ||  Facebook LIVE Daily Recap + Q&A at 9:00pm EST

Today's Focus: Healthy Beginnings - Perinatal Wellness

Session 10

Restorative Reproductive Health

Be informed about natural forms of birth control as well as how couples can naturally restore their fertility.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Reproductive Health Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Anna Saucier

Certified FertilityCare Practitioner
Founder, Cycle Power Summit

Session 11

Why Everyone Needs a Doula

Exploring the benefits of a natural pregnancy and hiring a doula for your birth and beyond.







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Ariel Tauro

Doula and Student Midwife

Founder, AutumnSky Births and Beyond 

Session 12

The Difference in Care

Learn about Midwifery Care, the benefits of home birth and homeopathy for pregnancy and birth




Paula Tipton-Healy

Licensed Midwife

Paula's Midwifery

Session 13

The Attached Breastfeeding Mama

Explore the benefits of having a lactation consultant and breastfeeding education and how they affect breastfeeding success. 





**All-Access Pass Bonus: Pumping FAQ's Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Dianne Cassidy

IBCLC - Lactation Consultant
Owner, Dianne Cassidy Consulting

Session 14

Influencer Spotlight: What is a Badass Breastfeeder?

Learn what it takes to be a badass breastfeeder and explore myths about milk supply and other issues.



**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video -- Paced Bottle Feeding -- Upgrade now!

Abby Theuring 

Social Worker & Blogger

Founder, The Badass Breastfeeder

Session 15

Stabilize your Pelvis, Stabilize you Life

Dr. Segal dives into the issues surrounding pelvic pain and how to safely and effectively heal.







**All-Access Pass Bonus: Pelvic Floor Basics Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Kenael Segal

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Owner, Lotus Physical Therapy and Wellness

Session 16

What No One Talks About in Postpartum Care

Uncovering the critical time after birth and the importance of brain and mood health.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: 9 Foundations for Health Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Stacey Tosney, CHHC, CHLC​

Certified Health & Life Coach

Your Abundant Life Health Coaching

Session 17

Cloth Diapers: Where to Begin?!

Learn about the benefits of cloth diapering and how to get started. 




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Sandy Lerro

Cloth Diaper Advocate

Owner, Cuddle Bear Bottoms

Session 18

Wrap Me Tender

Learn the history, benefits and everyday applications of Babywearing. 




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Britni Morley

Certified Babywearing Educator & Doula

Owner, Wrap Me Tender


Day 3 - Jan 3rd


All sessions released each day at 9:00am EST  ||  Facebook LIVE Daily Recap + Q&A at 9:00pm EST

Today's Focus: The Whole Family - Child and Self-Care

Session 19

The Miss Megan Effect

Learn how Miss Megan uses unique and creative methods of focusing on Conscious Parenting and Non-Cry-It-Out Sleep Solutions.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: The Miss Megan Effect Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Miss Megan

Conscious Proactive Parenting Expert, Jedi Sleep Master, & Child Life Specialist
Owner, The Miss Megan Effect™

Session 20

The Homeschooling/Worldschooling Life

Learn about the benefits of Homeschooling and how children can learn anywhere.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: 30 Empowering Bilingual Affirmation Cards for Families -- Upgrade now!

Angelica Rios

Mama, Yogi & Life Long Learner

Founder, World-Inspired-Community

Session 21

Crafting YOUR Family Story

Creating a loving, happy, conscious family with intention.





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Alissa & Sal Vasquez

Conscious Parenting Consultants
Founders, Awakened Generation

Session 22

Taking Care of Self First - Where do I START?

Learn how to use yoga and meditation for self-care so you are living at your optimal parenting level.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: 7 Day Mindful Eating Guide -- Upgrade now!

Stephanie Locricchio

Yoga Instructor & Holistic Health Coach

Founder, Wellness Warriors Revolution

Session 23

Business Spotlight: Mompreneurs

Learn how this mom helps other moms create online business to have more freedom and to spend more time with their families.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: Family Meeting Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Sigal Bekker-Saban

Serial Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Mom Empowerer & Traveler

Founder, Journeys for Moms

Session 24

Standing in Your Truth

Sticking to a holistic lifestyle in the face of opposition from your family, friends or greater community




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video -  How to Work with Finicky Eaters -- Upgrade now!

Azizi Birkeland

Traveler, Family Wellness Accelerator & Transformational Health Coach
Founder, Tiny Green Chef

Session 25

Sacred Self-Care for Holistically-Minded Mamas

Explore how taking a holistic approach to self-care can help mothers to continue to care for their family without sacrificing their own health and well-being.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Winter Remedies, Rituals, & Habits to Support Your Health & Well-Being Through the Season and Beyond -- Upgrade now!

Amara Wagner

Speaker, Coach and Mentor

Owner, Fiercely Intuitive Mamas & Amara Wellness, LLC

Session 26

It's Not About the Clothes

Learn how this stylist uses a holistic approach when dressing her clients.





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Amy Berenbak

Personal Stylist

Founder, Amy Berenbak Stylist

Session 27

Influencer Spotlight: Greening Your Family's Home

Learn how to create a healthier family by creating a healthier home and go behind the scenes of My Green Mattress!







**All-Access Pass Bonus: Free Pillow with Purchase of My Green Mattress -- Upgrade now!

Dawn Lorenz  

Blogger, Advocate and Holistic Living Coach

Founder, Raising Natural Kids


Day 4 - Jan 4th


All sessions released each day at 9:00am EST  ||  Facebook LIVE Daily Recap + Q&A at 9:00pm EST

Today's Focus: Alternative Therapies - Holistic Health Coaches & More

Session 28

Feel It. Heal It. Let It Go.

Be inspired by how this author overcame self-defeating and self-limiting beliefs by tackling them head on.



**All-Access Pass Bonus: Free Companion Guide to Book -- Upgrade now!

Nicole Musap 

Certified Holistic Health, Life Coach & Author,

Founder, Naturally Nicole 

Session 29

Getting to the Root of Weight Loss 

Uncovering the many reasons one may struggle to lose weight and how to overcome these obstacles.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Free 15 Minute Consultation  -- Upgrade now!

Jon Levine

Certified Health Coach & Weight Loss Expert

Founder, Hol Truth Health & Podcast

Session 30

What Happens when the Body Goes Rogue

Explore the ever increasing food allergies and autoimmune diseases in our society and how this mom overcame them.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: 25% Off 6 month Program  -- Upgrade now!

Marina Nevyarovskiy

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coac
Founder, Wellness Coach Marina

Session 31

Creating a Solid Foundation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Learn the intricacies and benefits of Foundational Health and Biofeedback technology. 






**All-Access Pass Bonus: Foundational Steps Download  -- Upgrade now!

Natalia Rae

Certified in Natural & Holistic Remedies, Health Advocate, Bioscan & Energy worker.

Founder, All Natural Parents

Session 32

Everything is Energy

Learn about energy healing modalities and how to heal from undiagnosed illness.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Video - Protecting your Energy -- Upgrade now!

Tracy Gohrick

Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor

Owner, Tracy Gohrick

Session 33

It's All Connected!

Understanding the important communication system within the body and how to restore the body's natural healing ability.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: $100 Off First Scan & Free Book Download -- Upgrade now!

Donna Becker

NES Health Bioenergetics Practitioner
Owner, Donna Becker, Better Health

Session 34

Essential Oils: Everything YOU Need to Know

Understanding the complexities, benefits, uses and safety of essential oils.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: $25 Young Living Account Credit with Purchase of Starter Pack-- Upgrade now!

Katie Batalha

Holistic Living Coach & Young Living Silver Educator
Founder, I'm Into Natural

Session 35

Influencer Spotlight: Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet

Come behind the scenes and see how Kate and her team are building a well-researched, all-natural, herbal remedy company at Earthley.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: 20% Off Special Bundle -Elderberry Elixir, Good Night Lotion & All Purpose Salve -- Upgrade now!

Kate Tietje

Lead Herbalist, CMO & Author

Owner, Modern Alternative Mama & Earthley


Day 5 - Jan 5th


All sessions released each day at 9:00am EST  ||  Facebook LIVE Daily Recap + Q&A at 9:00pm EST

Today's Focus: Holistic Practitioners - The New Faces of Healthcare

Session 36

First, Do No Harm. Second, Do No Work.

Dr. Steinberg gets up close and personal on how a biological Dentist goes above and beyond in patient care.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: 33 Sleep Tips for Better Health Download -- Upgrade now!

Dr. Louis M. Steinberg, DDS

Biological Dentist

Owner, Biological Dentists of New Jersey

Session 37

What's Holding YOU Back from Healing?

Learn how this young homeopath helps women break through cycles to reach their full potential and show up fully in their life.





Heather Natoli

Homeopathic Personal Growth Practitioner & Licensed Massage Therapist
Founder, Halcyon's Nest, LLC

Session 38

Beyond the Needles

Understanding the many benefits and dispelling the myths of Acupuncture.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: Bonus Gratitude Video & Free E-Book -- Upgrade now!

Shilamida Kupershteyn, L.Ac​

Licensed Acupuncturist, Best Selling Self Help Author,

31 Days of Gratitude

Owner, Balanced Soul Bodyworkers

Session 39

Mindful Eating

Learn how to eat consciously and how food affects our moods.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: 15% Off Holistic Nutritional Counseling -- Upgrade now!

Sydney Greene, M.S., R.D.

Registered Dietitian

Owner, Greene Health, LLC

Session 40

Home Wireless Hygiene

Learn the harmful effects from EMF exposure and how to protect your family.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: EMF Reader Cheat Sheet -- Upgrade now!

Alexandra Swander Hinz

Safe Tech and Utility Meter Choice Expert

Founder, Safer New Jersey

Session 41

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dr. Cohen talks about what you need to know about this silent and harmful epidemic and how to detox the body.




Philip J. Cohen, MD and ND

Internal Medicine, Dermatology & Naturopathic Medicine
Owner & Director, Cohen Medical & Wellness, Inc.

Session 42

The Whole Body Approach

Learn about various holistic modalities used for detoxification and healing, including iridology.





**All-Access Pass Bonus: 20% Off Consultation & 25% off Iridology Consultation -- Upgrade now!

Jeffrey Miller, HP

Health Practitioner/Regenerative & Detoxification Specialist

Owner, NexStepLivingSE

Session 43

Influencer Spotlight: Reclaim your Health & Vitality 

Learn how this mom and health practitioner overcame chronic illness and disabling autoimmune disease and how she helps others achieve optimal health.




**All-Access Pass Bonus: $50 off of Self-Study Course -- Upgrade now!

Kimberly Spair

Speech Pathologist & Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Owner, Reclaimers of Health

Session 44

Influencer Spotlight: Eat to Live

Meet Family Physician, Nutritional Researcher and Best-Selling Author Dr. Joel Fuhrman and learn about the Nutritarian diet and his transformational retreats.






**All-Access Pass Bonus: $5 Coupon Off Any Purchase $75 or More -- Upgrade now!

Joel Fuhrman M.D.

Board-Certified Family Physician, Nutritional Researcher and Six-time New York Times Best-Selling Author

Founder/Owner, Dr. Fuhrman Eat to Live Retreat



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  • How chiropractic care helps you maintainhealthy immune system

  • How to effectively talk to family and friends about your alternative choices

  • An up-to-date list of effective, natural methods of home remedies

  • Holistic solutions for illness, sleep, parenting, and more

  • How to get better answers for unexplained illness

  • How to use natural remedies safely and effectively

  • Taking care of yourself while taking care of your family

  • How the gut is where the immune system resides

  • How to listen and honor your mama (and papa) instincts

  • Be in the know of the latest tools and techniques of alternative therapies



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Is the Summit Really All Online?

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Family Wellness Summit Host

Stacey Latus

The Real Crunchy Mama

Stacey brings together thousands of like-minded parents both online and in-person, to educate, support and promote a healthy lifestyle. She is on the forefront of helping people live a natural lifestyle in a conventional world. Stacey is a facilitator, a mover and a shaker. She learns from the best and shares her knowledge.


Stacey is a homeschooling/worldschooling attachment parent to two healthy, amazing girls. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and holds many certifications in yoga, Thai massage and other holistic modalities, such as Ayurveda. She has been a yoga teacher for over 16 years and has co-owned two successful yoga studios. Also a Certified Doula, Stacey helps to empower and support women seeking a natural birth.


Stacey is passionate about living a natural lifestyle and sharing that with the world.